fireworks festival

I’ve been wanting to take photos of fireworks with my camera for ages! And finally I had my chance here in the Netherlands. Unfortunately I was rather broke, so I could only make it to the second day of the Vuurwerk (fireworks) Festival in Scheveningen, Den Haag.

And despite all the bloody cold and strong winds, I managed to get some nice shots.

Afterwards me, Cindy, Daniel, and Bang Marlon had some warm tea and coffee inside a warm café by the sea. So it really was a nice night. Thou we were too late to catch a train back to Leiden from Den Haag Centraal, so we had to walk (yes, walk) to Den Haag HS and get a night train from there. But looking at the bright side, I met my new housemate Mzukisi and fellow media tech Stelios and his friends 🙂

Oh, and I was satisfied with the results of my photos! Here are some of my favourites:

the complete photos of the fireworks can be found here.

ps: Despite that the lyrics was not related to the festival whatsoever, but the word fireworks directly reminded me of the whitest boy alive song.


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