the photo loop

This is a photo project I made for the final assignment of cool science course. I decided to carry out the theme of self-reference (one of the course’s subject) since I found it very interesting and it turned out that I myself seemed to do some self reference acts in my photos and even poems.So the idea was to take photograph of a person in front of you who take a photo of a person in front of him/her and so forth until it makes a loop.

A similar photo series was already done by New York photographer Jay Yao for the artConnexions held by Goethe Institut in 2004.

My first experiment was done by three photographers, taking a photo of each other through the streets of Leiden and inside a room in Molen de Valk.

The second experiment was done by 15 people, all taking photo of the person in front of him or her, and it was done at de burcht, a fortress in the heart of Leiden. The best thing about de burcht was that the fortress has a circular shape that is not too big in size, so by collecting 15 people I could already accomplish my mission 😉

Photos from each people were then ‘stitched’ into one, and this idea actually came from the photo series done by a good friend of mine Mas Mola Marbun for Mapping Invisible Cities also by Goethe Institut.

My list of thank you:
Bang Marlon
Mbak Laily
Mbak Dian
Mas Nino
Mas Darwis


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