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F MINOR, ST was a five-piece band playing simple-swing-jazz music from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Burt Bacharach, and Robbie Williams’s swinging years (i.e. the Swing When You’re Winning album).

band members
‘Mo [story teller, 2004-present]
Irawan [guitars, 2004-present]
Kiko [bass, 2004-March 2005]
Rhoe [drums, 2004-2006]
Oxalis [keyboards, 2004-March 2006]
Faruli [bass, March 2005-present]
Nadya [piano, 2006]
Putra [keyboards, 2007]

the band is currently inactive, but you can have more info or probably ask the band to perform again by contacting their manager Irfan Iswadhi a.k.a. Anjaz

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