KTCF 2014 – Fatahillah Square

KTCF (Kota Tua Creative Festival) was a brilliant festival celebrating the bursting spirit of creativity, and held in the old quarters of Jakarta or locally known as Kota Tua, hence the name.

I went there with Titing, mas Tirta, and Firza, and we had a stroll through the old buildings which had been revamped into galleries – which reminded me so much of Europe!

The main venue was at Fatahillah square, where blue and yellow plastic sheets were hanging above, representing hopes for the city.

There were several locations for this festival, although unfortunately I could not go to all of them. I managed to visit the Railway exhibition at Kota station (since I took the train anyway), Tea Festival at Fatahillah square, arts exhibition at Tjipta Niaga, and Smart Nature exhibition at Kerta Niaga. Here are some photos I took from the Fatahillah square and the streets on my way there (from Kota Station).


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