Manifesto 2014 – Hall B

Manifesto is a biennial major art exhibition held in Jakarta. This year’s exhibition was their fourth, and it carried the theme of “DAILY LIFE : Knowing The Sign of Time”.

Hall B was the smallest out of the three halls, and it was used to feature some intimate artworks. One of the most attractive installation was the peep holes by Marishka Soekarna. She made three boxes decorated with her whimsical drawings and inside the boxes were three different worlds of sex, as peep holes were often used as a mean of voyeurism.

On the other side of the wall was a photo series done by Christina Phan. The works have been displayed at That’s Life Coffee and Marsio Fine Art Gallery, and they showed merging faces of two soulmates. The project was based on a local assumption that said that if you are meant for each other, then your faces will also look alike. At some of the merged portraits, you can actually see that these couples really do look alike each other. However, I always believe that couples look alike each other because they have spent a lot of time together, instead of the other way around.


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