On Sunday my parents rented a car so they could drive me to Bawen to attend my friend Ceper’s wedding reception.

We left Solo at 9-ish, and we arrived at the venue at 11. The reception was held at a conference room that was a part of a recreational complex. My parents waited for me at the cafe while I went to the reception. However, it was very full and I could not see anyone I knew so I just followed the line.

I took some photos of the newlyweds before I congratulated them and their families. I didn’t spend much time at the reception, and soon we left the place and had a lunch at Bale Raos in Tuntang. We met a very awesome jazz family who was performing at the restaurant, called Classica and Jazz family.

Afterwards we made a quick stop in Salatiga, buying some food souvenirs (oleh-oleh) across Hok Tek Bio Chinese temple. Salatiga is a very nice town, it has a nice cool weather because it is located on the foot of Merbabu mountain, and the people look very friendly. No wonder there has been many prominent figures who came from this city.

On our way back to Solo, we stopped in Ampel to visit the grave of my grandfather (my father’s father). The cemetery was nice and clean, and the golden light streamed through the branches of the frangipani tree.

It was a few minutes before dusk when we finally reached Solo, and we visited some relatives before going back to the hotel.


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