Visiting stationery shops in Semarang & Solo

My sister runs a blog about stationery at lundiaschool, so she regularly goes to book & stationery shops to buy some kawaii stationery. In Semarang, we went to two bookshops: Merbabu and Nam Bie.

Merbabu, located in Jalan Pandanaran, has been selling books and stationery since 1959. It sells all sorts of cute stationery, and I bought a lot of old style notebooks “Cap Kera”. Nam Bie is an old bookshop at Jalan Pemuda, Semarang. The shop is still located in its original building, which hasn’t been changed since (at least) 1940s. Unlike Merbabu that sells all sorts of kawaii stuff, Nam Bie mostly sells common stationery, as it is actually a wholesaler of stationery and office supplies.

We also went to a craft shop across Permata restaurant in Semarang, where I bought loads of cotton yarns! 🙂

In Solo, I stumbled upon a book and stationery shop which I used to go to when I was a kid. I even used to find a book about Frankie Goes to Hollywood here (haha!) The bookshop is called Sekawan, and it actually has several shops in Solo. Again, I bought some “Cap Kera” notebooks. I really like the blue lines of the notebooks.


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