Studiomili 100 Poster Parade – Exhibition Opening

For the past two years, Arris and Reza of Studiomili have been making brilliant artworks for their poster parade project. Now, after eight batches of posters, a total of 100 posters have been made. Each of the posters has its own character, its own story, and its own world. The posters take us to their wonderland of joy, playfulness, and curiosity.

The exhibition was held at dia.lo.gue, a posh art gallery in Kemang, South Jakarta. Most of the artworks were printed on sketchbook-like papers and hung chronologically, making rows of posters at the main space. Some others were printed on canvas and hung on the walls of the main space and a smaller space which I like to call “the pondering room”.

At 19.00 the exhibition was opened – Arris and Reza briefly explained their project, the process behind the posters, and their future plans.

Afterwards they did a live drawing on a piece of canvas, showing the process of how they actually make their artworks. It also showed two different drawing styles and two different techniques, even though they were using the same medium: ink. According to the artists, they had never done this before, as they usually made their drawings in their own place at their own time, based on their own inspiration.

Unfortunately the exhibition was held for only a little less than two weeks, from 18 to 30 June 2014.

All the posters displayed at the exhibition were available for sale, limited for 12 copies per poster.

If you missed the exhibition and want to buy their posters, you can now buy them online on their website


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