Wouter Hamel at Erasmus Huis

It was my third time watching Wouter Hamel’s performance and by far it was the best one.

Unfortunately my friends couldn’t come and my SLR broke at the beginning of Wouter’s performance, but I tried not to think about them too much.The weather was incredibly hot and humid that evening. Everybody was sweating so bad that at the end of the performance it was as if they had all just finished a marathon. But at least it didn’t rain like the last time they had their performance at Erasmus Huis.

The Dutch singer opened his performance with a catchy tune called “Beautiful Misfits” from his latest album “Pompadour”. The (free) gig was actually a part of his Asian tour to promote the album, and it was the last gig of his three-day-visit to Jakarta. Unfortunately, the venues of his previous gigs were not exactly fit for his music, as he was playing in some local gigs that made him as if he was just a new local pop artist. He even performed at the (cheesy) music show of Dahsyat. Why Wouter, Why.

Anyway, I had a listen to his album few days before the gig and it was very happy and summery. The album cover also created an atmosphere of a sunny and warm Californian afternoon . My favourite ones were “Live a Little” and “The Lights”, which were released as singles earlier this year.

Those two singles were of course played that evening, alongside other songs from the album, like “Bigger”, “Gretna Green”, “Hollywood”, and the album title, “Pompadour”.

My attempt to make a nice recording of “The Lights” was almost flopped by the crackling sounds, but I uploaded it nevertheless. (thanks to Maarten for making it sound better)

Wouter also played some of his old hits, including “Breezy” from the debut album ‘Hamel’, “Demise” from ‘Lohengrin’, and “March, April, May” from Nobody’s Tune – where Wouter and his band did a small acoustic choir.

Just like last year, Wouter took his band members on this tour. They were: Rory Ronde on guitar, Sven Happel on bass, Jasper van Hulten on drums, Gijs Anders van Straalen on percussion, and Thierry Castel on piano and keyboards.

The Dutch-singer also performed a song with Calvin Jeremy, an Indonesian pop-jazz singer A special moment was when Wouter Hamel had a duet with Calvin Jeremy, who opened the gig earlier that evening. Calvin Jeremy also opened Wouter’s gig at Erasmus Huis last year. The special part about their duet was that actually they sang Calvin Jeremy’s song “Berdua”, which was in Indonesian. Wouter Hamel’s grandmother was Indonesian, so his Bahasa was actually pretty good.

Anyway, despite the temperature and humidity that made them looked as if performing in a sauna, everyone seemed to have a good time, dancing to the cheerful tunes.

Live a Little
The Lights
Sunny Days
Gretna Green
Traveling Alone
March April May
Double Dutch
Don’t Ask

Encore: See You Once Again

After the gig I gave my black-and-white postcards to Wouter and asked for autographs on my set of postcards. I also got the autographs of the whole band on the CD cover, yay!



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