Studiomili 100 Poster Parade Exhibition

Tomorrow, the illustration duo of Studiomili will open their poster exhibition at Dia.lo.gue art space, Kemang, Jakarta. They will take you to their whimsical world of illustration, celebrating the 100th poster from the Poster Parade series they have been making for the last two years.

Through their works, we will see how Arris and Reza perceive and interpret the world around them. How their drawings evolve as they explore new styles and reflect their ever-changing environment.

Thus, they would like to invite you to their exhibition:

June 18-30, 2014
Dia.Lo.Gue Kemang
Jl. Kemang Selatan 99a.
Jakarta Selatan 12730

18th of June 2014
19.00 onwards

All the posters displayed at the exhibition can be purchased at the gallery. Alternatively, you can also buy it online on their website:

Your attendance and support will be greatly appreciated. See you there!


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