RIP, Rik

The news came as an utter shock to me. It was so depressing to know that such a fun-loving, demented-looking comedian/actor as talented as Rik Mayall could leave us so soon.
He had outlived Jesus after he recovered from a 5-day-coma in 1988, and at some point I was kinda wishing that he rose from the dead once again.
he didn’t.
He has gone for good this time.

I knew Rik Mayall from Drop Dead Fred, a fascinating movie about an imaginary friend called Fred, who took Elizabeth to a crazy world of pranks and childish behaviours. But all Fred wanted was to help Lizzie, who had just lost everything (her husband, her car, her money, her job) in one day.

The movie had left a deep impression on me and it was the one that urged me to give a name to my imaginary friend at that time. It was this movie that cheered me up when I was a kid – to know that it was OK to be strange, if that was who you really were.

And Drop Dead Fred was one of those few movies I watch for (perhaps) more than twenty times, along with my two other most favorites “Dead Poets Society” and “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels”. I even have it on VCD (the video format before DVD came to Indonesia).

Rik Mayall had played in various comedy shows in Britain, but I personally knew him from Blackadder, where he played as the charismatic dickhead Lord Flashheart.

Here are the two scenes where Lord Flashheart appeared in the Blackadder series:

“Still worshipping God?
The last time I heard he’d started worshipping me!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Rest in peace, Rik Mayall.


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