Kumpul Buku #3

The photo geeks party.

A day before the event, I was exchanging messages with a fellow organiser who was wondering about the lack of public enthusiasm for our event, despite our constant promotion in social media – in particular when compared to a photo hunting event, a workshop, or photo competition. When I finally went to the event, I realised that it took sincere love for photography to get people to attend it, a huge passion for ‘preserving’ the artworks. So no wonder that (in my subjective opinion) it was more like a party for photo geeks.

Generally, “Kumpul Buku Fotografi Indonesia” means a gathering for Indonesian photobook lovers. The books featured (ie. promoted or traded) were either by Indonesian photographers or about Indonesia. And those who came were basically collectors, who would like to keep a piece of history of Indonesian photography.The theme of the event was “indie”, celebrating the DIY movement of photobook making, as we live in a digital age where practically everybody can make their own photobooks.

I had been asked to help the promotion on twitter, so I dedicated my time to plan (draft) my tweets and scheduled them at a specific time. I did a brief research, on the speakers, past events etc, also collecting some images and other media types so that the tweets would not bore the readers. And I managed the promotion from our sponsor too, tweeting about the vouchers that would be given away during the event.

However, on the D-Day I had to help Kak Eva to run the book bazaar so I spent the whole day behind the desk serving customers. Luckily I was helped by Elisha to retweet the event-related tweets.

The photobook gathering event lasted for a whole day, from morning to afternoon, with some exciting events:

  1. BookTALK:
    A discussion focusing on the ‘indie’ photobook, the do-it-yourself spirit in making your own photobook.
    The speakers of this discussion were (the book(s) they have published are in brackets):
    – Edy Purnomo (Passing)
    – Tjandra M. Amin (The Colour of Sport)
    – 1000 Kata – a team of four photographers, namely Dita Alangkara, Ahmad Zamroni, Mast Irham, and Yuniadhi Agung (NESW)
    – Maryssa Tunjung Sari (Makassar Ji!, Flash! Las Vegas, Why?, Journey into Nothingness, Belawan Tanpa Musik, etc)
  2. Perpustakaan Sehari (Library for a Day)
    A place where people can bring their books and lend them to other people (only for reading at the venue) during the event.
  3. Bazaar
    All sorts of photobooks were on sale throughout the day, and since most of the photographers whose books were for sale came to the event, we could ask for their autographs directly. I helped Kak Eva behind the bazaar counter, selling the photobooks, but I ended up buying lots of them myself 🙂
  4. Photo Studio on Location
    A small photo studio was set up in the middle of the Pañña Foto meeting room so that the visitors could pose with their favourite photobook(s), and have their photo(s) taken by mas Edy Purnomo. I took the chance to have a photo with my Supper Snapshots book! 😉

    [to see the photos taken by mas Edy, go to the photo section of Buku Fotografi Indonesia on Facebook here]

  5. Book Promotion
    Photographers who are thinking about releasing their upcoming photobooks can promote their books at the event.
  6. PhotoBook Design Consulting Session
    With designer Bobby Haryanto, who has much of experience in designing photobooks.

Anyway, I took the opportunity to promote the Supper Snapshots book and display it along with the postcards and the recipe book. I also sold a couple of copies (exactly three copies, actually) at the bazaar. Surprisingly, all the Supper Snapshots books were sold out. I couldn’t even keep my own copy. It was very overwhelming.

I sold the Supper Snapshots books in bundles, along with recipe books and postcards. I even printed new flyers to support the promotion. Each bundle was sold at Rp150,000, and they included:

  • Supper Snapshots book (144 pages, hard cover, 15x15cm)
  • Recipe book (16 pages, A6 size)
  • 3 (three) postcards of your choice
  • A3-sized flyer which you can turn into a poster

I also put my photo zine “Trees Run Dry” for sale 😉

The event was sponsored by photoklip, a photobook-printing service under Rakyat Printworks. Rakyat is a digital printing service I often go to, including to print Supper Snapshots books. I had the opportunity to meet Pak Mory and Bu Lilis from Photoklip, and Pak Rianno – the director of Rakyat. I told them that I printed all the promotional materials and the books of Supper Snapshots at Rakyat and they were looking forward for me to use their services in the future.

Later that afternoon I won a couple of vouchers from photoklip, so I will use them to make photobooks soon!

I was also super happy that my best friends came to the event – Mas Tirta and Firza travelled all the way to Kemang (and even got lost for a while in the labyrinth of the so-called elite area), and Nenek (the nickname for my super awesome friend Dewi Tamba) dropped by after her visit to the dentist.

And here is a photo of Supper Snapshots along with other photobooks I bought that day.


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