[Record Store Day 2014] day 2 pt 3 // Sore

The last performer was the star of the event – Sore. And just like their name, they played in “Sore”, or in the afternoon. Also, they opened their performance with “Setengah Lima” (half past five), and it really was only a few minutes after half past five. And.. the opening performance was a bang – with a surprising guest vocal that was so unusual that everybody squeezed themselves to get to the front of the stage to see whether the rumour was true. And yes, it was – I was just chatting with Wawan of Ballads of the Cliche when he heard that Sore had Rian from D’Masiv to sing along with vocalist Ade Firza Paloh. For you who doesn’t know D’Masiv – well, let’s just say that it’s an Indonesian popular ‘mainstream’ band whose songs can be easily heard on public places like buses, sidewalks, or from the ringtones of street vendors.

Sore looked very casual that afternoon. Their bassist, Awan, was like the Indonesian (and sober) version of Shaun Ryder, wearing thin white t-shirt and a pair of crocs – as if he was about to go fishing. I guess if you’re a damn good musician you can wear whatever you want. Anyway, they had a new keyboardist now. His name was Adink, and he seemed very.. new. I noticed him peeking to Reza or Ade to see what chords they were playing :-p

But he did a good improvisation, and he looked funny too! hahaha. Anyway, Awan said they had no songlist for their performance that afternoon so they seemed to be randomly pulling out their hits from their regular repertoire, which included “Fruits for Today”, “Somos Libres”, and “Funk the Hole”.

And that was a wrap. It was barely six when the Record Store Sunday was finished, but I had a jolly good time. See you next year!


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