[Record Store Day 2014] day 2, pt 1

This year, the Record Store Day Indonesia was held for two days – Saturday (19 April) and Sunday (20 April) – so it was actually, a Record Store Weekend πŸ˜‰

I was too lazy to travel from my office in Pasar Baru (I was working that Saturday) to Kemang on the first day, so I only managed to catch the excitement on the second day.

The Sunday RSD14 celebration was held at Hey, Folks!, an indie music merchandise shop in Kebayoran Baru. It was once a prominent (indie) music venue half a decade ago, when Indonesian indie music was on the rise and they had regular gigs on their small yard. Unfortunately, a few years ago there had been some complaints from the neighbours about the loud noises of the gigs (especially in the evening), so they were forced to held the gigs before night time.

I arrived at 3, and there were already motorcycles flocking in the corner where the shop is located – yes, thing have changed.. everybody’s taking motorbikes nowadays. The yard was filled with booths selling records – either LP, CD, or cassette tape. It was filled with people too, mostly youngsters who were not very familiar to me. I finally met some friends and hopped from one booth to the other.

I bought two special Record Store Day merch – the first one was of Iman Fattah, former guitarist of Lain and Zeke and the Popo. He released a cassette tape (yay, hurrah for cassette tape!) called “Sonic Collage”, which he claimed to contain dark music. I have listened to it with my favourite walkman, and it gave that extra noise that it might require. It has a very nice cover too, and it was taken by Iman himself. I always thought that Iman would be an awesome contemporary photographer – he had a very unique perspective. Anyway, Iman was at the booth when I arrived so I asked for his autograph and had a selfie :-p

The second record I bought was Bangkutaman‘s “Iblis Jalanan”, containing two new tracks – “Iblis Jalanan” (Road Demons) and “Langkah Baru” (New Steps). It seems that they continue the urban theme in this one, just like their last album “Ode Buat Kota” (Ode to the City). After their performance I managed to sneak to the backstage and ask for autographs. Their drummer, mas Dedyk told me that he had just watched a video of Park Jammers and asked me when would we play a Bangkutaman song. OK, challenge accepted! πŸ˜‰


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