Jalanan Screening at @America


I have been highly curious about this movie ever since I heard that Luky Annash was involved around a year ago. I also heard that the movie had gone to several festivals and won Best Documentary at the Busan International Film Festival, but what attracted me the most was..
that it was about street buskers.

I have been very fond of listening to street buskers since I was very young. I even used to have some favourites; Bang Ferry who used to sing on Patas 79 (Cililitan-Kota via Kuningan, ca.2006-2007), Ijul who had an awesome guitar skills and used to play in Kampung Melayu, and currently I like to listen to Bu Parmi and Pak Trisno who sing outside a food stall in Pasar Baru.

So of course I got very excited when I heard about the movie. The movie had been screened at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival last year, but I guess this was the first public screening in Jakarta. The movie was scheduled to hit the theatres on 10 April 2014.

Unfortunately, the event was too early (for me) so I was pretty late. It started at 6pm, and of course it was always on time at @America. Going through Jakarta’s main streets in rush hours, in particular on Friday afternoon would be a big struggle, or so I thought. I kinda hoped that I would at least get to see a glimpse of the movie.

But it turned out that the traffic was not as bad as I thought. I could still watch the second half of the movie, squeezing myself into the packed theatre of @America, sitting on the floor right in front of the stage.

As expected, the movie was totally awesome. It really portrayed the lives of street buskers of Jakarta – their struggle to get a decent living in the big city. I will write a review as soon as I have watched the full movie 🙂

After the screening there was a Q&A session with the director Daniel Ziv and the three ‘actors’ – Boni, Titi, and Ho. It turned out that it took Ziv 7 years to make the movie, and as seen from the movie, several scenes were filmed at least 5 years ago. And things have changed for the past half a decade – Boni is now ‘homeless’, moving from one place to another and has separated from his wife. Titi’s new life chapter has begun again, as she is struggling to find a better job with her new diploma. And Ho seems to enjoy his life as a father – his stepson (who in the earlier part of movie was merely ten months old) is now entering his first year of primary school.

Basically, the end of the movie was not the end of the struggle for Boni, Titi, and Ho. Jakarta is still a fierce city, and it is still very difficult for the three of them (and other street buskers around the city) to get a decent living.

For more info about the movie, go to their website: http://www.jalananmovie.com/


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