[Supper Snapshots Yogyakarta] Momo

After we had finished installing the photos and the rain had gone, we took another becak to mbak Mirna’s house in the city centre (inside the palace walls) and when we got there we were greeted by mbak Mirna and her cute little daughter Chloe (or more familiarly called ‘Momo’), and their two elderly dogs Beka and Abby. Her husband mas Jaya came from the bike repair shop later that afternoon.

The atmosphere of Yogya was so relaxing and slow that we actually forgot all of our plans.

We spent a nice afternoon napping, taking a shower, and playing with Momo.

At 5-ish we joined mbak Mirna for a stroll with Momo to the South Square (Alun-Alun Kidul), and we soon saw the social butterfly Momo. She casually greeted other kids in the square, most of them were older kids and playing around with soap bubbles.

Alun-alun kidul is filled with street vendors selling all sorts of food, from the traditional warm beverage ‘ronde’ to snacks to typical street food like noodles and siomay.

One street vendor stood out from the rest as he played some javanese music from his speaker. Mbak Mirna said that sometimes he read some stories too. He sold es goreng, or actually ice pops, covered in hot chocolate. He greeted his customers nicely and people in the square could hear every word he said because he was using the speakers.

That evening we had satay for dinner. It was just a normal satay, but the sauce was very ‘Javanese’, ie. very sweet. I like this kind of sauce actually, since I am never fond of peanut sauce anyway.

After dinner we went back to mbak Mirna’s house and watched “Frozen” with Momo. Momo also found out that she could take pictures with my laptop, so we started to make some silly photos..

The next day we were woken up by Momo and Beka – Momo wanted to take some pictures with my laptop, saying “Momo mo foto” in a super-cute way, so we took more silly just-woke-up photos.

Momo went to the doctor that morning while we spent the whole morning lazying around. When mbak Mirna and Momo came back from the doctor we had a bread and egg breakfast and then prepared ourselves to go to LIR.

Well, after watching Monster University and Spirited Away with Momo..


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