[Supper Snapshots Yogyakarta] packing and preparing for exhibition

We only had less than a month to prepare our exhibition in Yogyakarta, but luckily we had more experience this time. After receiving the latest design from Titing, I quickly printed all promotion materials (posters, postcards, and flyers) at our regular printing shop Rakyat printworks.

The hardest part was the packing of the frames. Our past experiences showed that we had very little skill or material on wrapping the frames. At least five frame glasses were broken during shipping to and from Surabaya, and after fixing them all, three glasses broke during shipping from and to Bali. So I had to make thicker wraps. 🙂

Another problem was that we would not be able to re-pack the frames after the exhibition finishes, so I decided to make ‘package wraps’ – therefore the people from LIR could easily wrap back the frames, put them in the boxes, and send them back to us. At first I wanted to sew them, but I soon realised it would take forever to finish. So I decided to glue them together with clear adhesive tapes.

We still had used bubble wraps from our previous exhibition, but after careful calculation, I found that we still needed more of them. So I went to my favourite stationery shop in town, Lee Ie Seng at Pasar Baru, to buy 7 metres of bubble wraps.

The making of the pockets took much longer time than I had expected. It took me around a week to get everything nicely wrapped.

After wrapping all the frames with bubble wraps, I found another problem: finding the right-size box that fit. I found two boxes that fit the big and the small frames, but to fit the medium frames, that took hours and hours of assembling three available boxes into one.

It took me around a week to finish the packing, but it was really worth all the efforts 🙂


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