[Supper Snapshots Bali] Preparation

We started to install our photos for our Supper Snapshots exhibition at Mangsi Coffee by midnight, after the cafe has closed. Some of the employees were still around and they were very helpful when we needed to borrow some tools for the installation.

But our hero (or heroine, to be exact) of the night was Tria, without whom we probably wouldn’t be able to have the exhibition by the next day. She brought us the drill – the very much needed tool – as we were told that the wall shouldn’t be nailed. So the drill was a vital component for our exhibition.

First we measured the walls for the photos to hang and drill holes on the two walls. Then we painted the red wall, to cover all those mark tapes and scratches. I had no paint apron whatsoever so I invented one using a big plastic bag from Ace Hardware. Luckily they exactly fit me 😛

As we waited for the red paint to dry, we took the frames out of the big block of packaging. Unfortunately, we found some of the framing glasses were broken. Or actually, shattered. I got a couple of tiny pieces stuck in my palm but luckily I could get them out (with the help of Tria and the girl from Mangsi).

While we were painting, Tria helped us folding the flyers and livetweeting our preparation. [see our previous blog]

Finally, after working for six hours, we finished installing the photos. We could all go home (or in my case, back to Nusa Dua to work) and prepared for the opening the next day – eh I mean later that day. Hoera!


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