upon meeting the prime minister

I was invited to an alumni meeting a week ago and at first I thought that it would only be a meeting with the Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia. I came early to the meeting (although strangely enough Dutch meetings in Indonesia were never really as strict as in NL) and there had been some tables arranged, with education programmes written on a paper on each table. As expected, Media Technology was so vague that it was categorised in “Other Sciences”. The popular programmes such as Law and Water Engineering were flocked by many alumni, while the other sciences table was basically filled with less popular students.

A nice surprise was that I met Awan, my schoolmate in college (he went to NL after I went back to Indonesia), and Irna, an ICT in business (the neighbouring programme at LIACS) graduate whom I briefly met before my departure. And yes, we were all at the same table: Other Sciences.

The “Other Sciences” table was on the ‘outer line’ of the group. It was the closest to the auditorium of Erasmus Huis, where the event took place. However, we had an advantage of being ‘put to the side’, as we were the first people to see when the VIP guests entered the room.

So basically we shook hands with the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia Tjeerd de Zwaan, and some other guests (I deliberately did not shake hands with Indonesia’s Education Minister because he was a complete git).

The alumni meeting was opened with a speech by the prime minister, followed by some open discussion on education – how to improve cooperation in education, etc. Surely there were many cliché questions and mostly were asked by those from the more ‘popular’ programmes.

Anyway, here are some photos from the Alumni Meeting with the former Leiden alumni (yes, Mark Rutte was a Leiden student – but I bet he was a member of Minerva)

ps: At the end of the meeting I sneaked into the crowd and gave a Supper Snapshots flyer/catalogue to Mark Rutte. You can read about that here.


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