Luky Annash 180° Concert @America


I have been a long time fan of Luky Annash – so when I heard from his manager Dee that he was going to have a solo gig, I felt highly obligated to come.

The gig was held at @America, the so-called American cultural centre situated in a very posh shopping centre in the heart of Jakarta, Pacific Place. The venue has unfortunately a series of irritating security checks, some I found highly unnecessary and inefficient.

But nevermind my mumblings of being utterly annoyed – there was a bright side in their strictness: the gig was on time. It started at 7 pm sharp.

Luky performed with a full band – Poppie on bass, Iga on guitar, Okky on drums, Yudhi on keyboards, and Angela and Charita on backing vocals. They all looked so neat as if they were about to go to a semi-formal evening party.

The gig was opened with “Kaki Langit” and followed by “Siksa”, where Luky stretched his arms to play both the grand piano and the keyboard – his rather distinguishing method, which he unfortunately did it only once that evening.

One of the nicest things about the performance was that he used a grand piano – something he looked more comfortable with rather than playing keyboards. I believe it was five years ago when the last time I saw him performing with a grand piano, during the Q Film Festival at Goethe Haus.

In between the songs, Luky talked about his opinions on various things -mostly social issues- which some inspired him to write his songs. Luky and his band played six songs in the first part of their performance, including some notable tracks from his debut album 180°, such as “Bahasa”, “Musik”, “Kritik Tanpa Solusi”, and the banging “Disturbia”.

The second part of the gig was a solo performance – only Luky and the piano. He started to tell about his life story, his musical journey, his past experiences. How he learnt to play the piano in the middle of the bourgeoning rock music in the 1990s. How he was not only influenced by pop/alternative pianists such as Tori Amos and Ben Folds, but also heavy metal bands his brothers used to listen to like Motorhead.

So not only did he sing his own tracks such as “Dewasa” and “Jakarta” – the latter featured a clip of Daniel Ziv’s movie “Jalanan” on the background – in which Luky contributed on the music score, but also other people’s songs such as Tori Amos’s “Leather”, Tom Waits’s “Time”, and a medley of Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight”, Madonna’s “Like A Prayer”, and Slayer’s “Raining Blood”.

In the last part of the performance the other band members were back on stage to play Luky’s singles “Pertunjukkan Malam” and the super-octane hit “Bajingan Ibukota”.

After the performance I managed to grab the setlist and took a photo with the pianist himself.

Some photos after the two-hour gig:


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