Cassette Store Day

I must say this was far more exciting than Records Store Day. While RSD mostly focused on records (vinyls) which I basically had no attached memories, cassette store day celebrated one thing that had been a great part of my life, in particular my teenage years.

A few days prior to the event I met Dimas, one of the organisers, at the opening of OK Video. He asked whether I had some mixtapes to exhibit at the event, so a couple of days later I gave them some of my mixtapes. (ps: For the last few weeks I had been reorganising my room, including my cassette tape collection, so I easily found my mixtapes).

So here are my mixtapes displayed at the exhibition: two from the Migraine series, two Lullaby tapes, one called “Happy Happy Joy Joy” (filled with happy songs to start a nice morning), one dance compilation tape simply called “Dance Traxx”, and a multi-genre compilation of British music in “BritMix”.

[more about my mixtapes here]

My mixtapes were displayed alongside those of Iman Fattah (guitarist of Lain and Zeke and the Popo), Karina Soegarda (TV and radio presenter), and Marcel Thee (Sajama Cut).

The exhibition also featured various walkmans and cassette players of Rizki Lazuardi.

The event was held at Saffron Bistro, a small cafe in Kemang. The exhibition and the upcoming talks were held downstairs, including a booth selling merchandise and (new) cassette tapes of local indie bands, including L’alphalpha, Mocca, and the much awaited band of the evening: The Sastro. Unfortunately, despite the highly enthusiasm of the crowd who desperately wanted to buy the tapes, the booth had not been opened, causing a very long queue inside the cafe later that afternoon.

On the rooftop upstairs you could buy secondhand cassette tapes from several music booths – mostly from 80s and 90s, although there were also some from the 1970s too. I saw a cassette of Guruh Gypsy (a famous 70s band fronted by Guruh Soekarnoputra) which I bet was very expensive. There would also be several performances, including from Bin Idris, Sawi Lieu, Pandai Besi, and The Sastro.

Unfortunately I only managed to see Bin Idris as I had to go to another event that evening.

But I had a jolly good time. It revoked very nice memories and I was happy that I was not the only one feeling sentimental 😉


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