[listening] moving on in september

September is a month of moving on. In my case this year, moving on from my Pet Shop Boys euphoria.

After listening intensively to Pet Shop Boys for the last couple of months, I finally took a rest (although not entirely) from Pet Shop Boys.

I started to listen to some new tracks from other artists, and I found that some of my favourite bands were releasing very nice singles!

First was Travis – After releasing “Another Guy” last March, it turned out that the Scottish band had released two singles ever since: “Where You Stand” and “Moving”. “Where You Stand”, the single that was also the title of their latest album, was a nice love song that reminded me of “Flowers in the Window” or “Follow The Light” from The Invisible Band. The video however, is a Travis classic: Fran is being tortured (again). It is just like the continuation of “Why Does It Always Rain On Me?”, “Turn”, and “Writing To Reach You” from The Man Who.

“Moving” in the other hand, is not as special as “Where You Stand” lyrically, but the video is totally awesome. It is very media tech 😛

And just in case you thought that it was mostly done in post-production (as the guys from Travis had previously thought too) you would see that it is not in this making-of video.

Another Scottish band who had just released their single was Camera Obscura. At frist I was not very impressed by their album “Desire Lines” in general, but this particular single gave me a very happy summery feeling, just like their previous releases. And of course the video would remind you of Blur’s “Coffee and TV”..

I believe there is something in the Scottish air – not only that the greatest bands are returning to studios (and to gigs) releasing long-awaited albums, but also the emergence of new bands from this cold region of Britain has rocked the indie scene this year. One of their biggest export was CHVRCHES (pronounced: churches) – a synth/electro-pop band which, although not as good as Mirrors (in my own personal opinion), but it gave a fresh atmosphere to the recent electropop wave that has been resurfacing in the last half a decade.
Their latest single, “Mother We Share” was a nice synth-pop ballad that has been stuck in my playlist this September. You can also check their other single “Gun”.

And speaking of synthpop, my favourite New York-based synthpop band is back! Yes, Au Revoir Simone has just released their latest album, “Move in Spectrums”, with a rather edgy touch. When I found out about their new album, they have already released two singles – “Crazy” and “Somebody Who”. While “Crazy” was like the rocking side of Au Revoir Simone (something they have been wanting to experiment, I guess), “Somebody Who” was the classic Au Revoir Simone – one that reminded me of “Another Likely Story”.

My favourite electronic artist (or sometimes I regard him as my personal idol) Moby has also just released an album called “Innocents”. His latest single was a duet with The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, and I think this album is a bit like 18 – and I must say I was not very impressed. I prefer the more electronic part of Moby, instead of his guitar-driven part like this one..

And Depeche Mode was back with another single, “Should Be Higher”, and this one was from their live performance on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Their fellow Basildon singer Alison Moyet was also back with another single from her latest album “The Minutes”. In my [listening] February 2013 blog, I expressed my slight disappointment on her new single. However, now that I listened to it again, I actually kinda like it 🙂

Anyway, Alison’s video appeared on the last day of September alongside of..
Pet Shop Boys’ “Thursday”.So I am back listening to them again now.
…Just when I thought I had moved on. haha.

Speaking of not being able to move on, I have been watching the 1996 coming-of-age gay movie “Beautiful Thing” again (multiple times), and now I also cannot move on from their final dance.

So I started to listen to Mama Cass and The Mamas and The Papas, mostly for this song of course. Although I also have been listening to “Make Your Own Kind Of Music” intensively.

One more song that has been stuck in my head for days was this Kylie’s “Giving You Up” – which at first I forgot what the title was so I had to keep humming Can’t stop giving you up I’m mad about you

Last but not least, it’s La La La Leiden!


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