[listening] may

this month’s listening list is started off with pet shop boys’s latest single ‘axis’. whoaaaaaaaa

and i’m not the only one who apparently haven’t met vince clarke..
(thanks to richard of erasure information service)

finally listening to alison moyet’s album ‘the minutes’

and collective soul is coming to jakarta as part of the java rockin’ land festival!

was having an aussie nostalgia one afternoon. including listening to vanessa amorosi’s 90s hit

and was listening to lady linn again

for the last couple of weeks my head was filled with the following tunes, some stuck out of nowhere for days, including
this awesome tune by the divine comedy,

regine velasquez’s follow the sun,

(unfortunately i couldn’t find a video on youtube with a proper sound..)

halo by texas,

and OMD’s sister marie says.

sometimes i think that andy mccluskey is a christian feminist..

speaking of OMD, their new album is a nice one, kinda reminds me of dazzle ships

and after watching several divine comedy videos, look what i found! this is an awesome collaboration from my two favourite artists


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