[quick craft] mini notebook

I made this mini notebook on a midnight a couple of weeks ago when I realised my old notebook was running out of papers and I needed to make some quick notes.


  • a postcard (I used some postcard leftovers from my exhibition)
  • A4 papers (I used 80gram colour papers, but I think the 70g whites would be perfect too, because they are easier to staple), approximately 2 sheets
  • rubber band


  • stapler
  • cutter

working time
15-25 minutes

how to make

  • Cut the papers in quarters (A6 sizes)

  • Fold the papers in half, and put them underneath the postcard.
  • Staple the postcard and the papers together
    (I usually used a working chair to bind books with normal staplers)

  • Tighten the staples

  • Cut the excessive papers on the side

  • Tie with rubber bands
ps: To secure the rubber band in its position, you can also do the following:

  • Cut open the rubber band
  • Make 2 holes on the postcard/back cover of the notebook.
    (Here I make 2 holes, 2cm from top and bottom)

  • Slip in the rubber band
  • Tie the rubber band from the inside

And your mini notebook is ready!


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