[listening] march

of course with the hype of java jazz festival early this month, i just can’t stop listening to lisa stansfield.

^ i really like her haircut btw!

..and wouter hamel šŸ˜‰

listening to some 1990s dance music for my upcoming dancing deadlines mixtape

just found out that escaping was originally sung by margaret urlich. all this years i thought it was dina carroll’s own song.

and when i listen to dina carroll, somehow the name deanna yusoff appeared in the back of my head..

for maarten’s birthday i made a mixtape that consists songs released in 1985, including..

15 march 2013
pet shop boys is leaving their record label of 28 years parlophone and will release a(nother) album ‘electric’ under kobalt music this year.
it sounds a bit like alternative album, or maybe even very?

18 march 2013
this song is suddenly stuck in my head

after hours of watching the voice uk season 1, of course i listened to some tom jones again

and also kate bush – because it was sung by bo bruce in the voice uk, and because i included this song in my 1985 mixtape.

23 march 2013
travis is baaaaaaacccckkkk
i went to see fran performing solo in amsterdam a couple of years ago and he was adorable! great to see them back together again – whohoooo


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