[Supper Snapshots Exhibition] …and that’s a wrap!

supsnaps thank you O 6032 daun bawang copy
The Supper Snapshots featuring Studiomili exhibition at That’s Life Coffee was officially closed yesterday evening. Thank you to everybody who have supported us, we are very overwhelmed with your enthusiasms.And special thanks to the following folks..

  • Arris Aprillo for the space at That’s Life Coffee, and his brilliant idea of merging photography and illustrations from the super-awesome Studiomili (Arris himself and Mohamad Reza)
  • The Supper Snapshots mini team – Ezra “Titing” Saraswati for making all the gorgeous designs and super tasty cupcakes, mas Tirta Kusuma for documenting the exhibition and Park Jammers performances, and bang Ricky Adrian for his advice in visual display.
  • Park Jammers Irawan Prayoga, Luthfi Kurniadi, Ganesha Mahendra, Anzarra Djahran, and Bintang Bryandaputra.
  • Our funders, who have donated either via indiegogo or directly to us.
  • Our guests who came to see the exhibition, our friends and family, and everybody who have helped us in making this happen.

Big hugs!
oxalis + maarten
The Supper Snapshots


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