djaksphere 2013 // intro

The gig was brilliant. It was far better than last year’s, and despite the line-up was not as spectacular, the whole concert was a great success.

However, I didn’t intend to go to the concert because it didn’t appeal that much to me. Moreover, the website, where I expected to store most information, was so not user friendly. It looked awesome, but it had such a poor interface. And bad interface meant carelessness, or ignorant.

I also had been extremely busy the week before, I almost couldn’t breathe. My day offs from work meant nothing because I still needed to work for another project. Or, other projects, even. So I couldn’t really make up my mind whether I would go or not.

That Saturday also, I had to wake up really early to go to an alumni meeting which lasted until 3 in the afternoon. But the traffic was terrible because of the ‘beautiful’ date — 10.11.12 — so loads of people were getting married and there were also dozens of other events in Jakarta.

At first I only planned to meet some friends, who hung out at Plaza Semanggi. I also needed a place to reorder my bag, as the alumni meeting left me with thick books containing alumni list over the past 4 years, photocopies of slides, and some other stuff. I finally managed to put them all neatly in my bag, but it made my bag extremely heavy. Hopefully it would hold, I thought – after all, I had just sewn the bottom part a month earlier.

At Plaza Semanggi I met Irawan and his girlfriend Nita and Nita’s friends – all wanted to go to the Djakartmosphere.

I was still doubtful. Yes, I wanted to go, and especially to see the collaboration of Indonesian jazz diva Ermy Kulit and avant-garde/experimental multi-instrumentalist Zeke Khaseli.

But I wondered whether it worthed the money. First I wanted to know whether there was still a ticket for the festival section. Irawan+Nita & co. bought tribune tickets – which made me wondered why. Since festival tickets were usually more favourable or expensive. Then I wondered whether I could bring my camera in.

Not long after we went downstairs to Balai Sarbini (at first I thought it would be at Balai Kartini), and it turned out that the festival tickets were still available (with the same price as tribune) and we could bring our cameras. So two tickets bought – for me and mas Tirta.

We were the first two people entering the festival area, so we could just pick our spots. And saw the shadows of people praying projected on the screen.

Just like last year’s, the event was hosted by 2 SS’es, Soleh Solihun and Sarah Sechan. Telling local jokes and indie gossips, they managed to fire up the venue – which at that time was bloody cold from the super-breezy air-co’s.


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