just for a day


Just For A Day


If only it was not just for a day.

It was actually only a small event, where friends who love to collect vinyls (which became a sort of a trend nowadays, although some had already been collecting records for ages) came together to select some of their favourite tunes. But for me, it was an evening that would stuck in my long-term memory, one I will remember for years to come.

A total of six selectors shared their collections. With two selectors per session (one session = +/- 60 minutes), the evening was soon filled with dreamy tunes, nostalgic britpop anthems, and unusual cover versions.

The venue, Cafe Mondo, was small and intimate; the selectors would play behind a cart that was usually used by street performers to carry their loud speakers. Although sometimes the selectors looked like street vendors, making nasi goreng or martabak.

The first two selectors were Peter (a.k.a. peterlovefuzz ) and Andri (fzbz), who played dreamy, sometimes even gloomy shoegaze tracks, as the main lights were turned off and little lights piercing through rotating (and revolving) balls.

Btw, Peter wore a Manchester United t-shirt with the number and the name of Karel Poborsky. So old skool! šŸ˜€

The next selectors were Yudi (Youthee) and Rusli (Deebank) playing a dozen of Britpop anthems.

And the crowd went crrrazy.

I personally just couldn’t stand still. I went too excited, immersed into the tunes that brought me back to mid 1990s where I sat in front of the telly for hours watching MTV.

Everybody sang along to Space’s “Neighbourhood”, Stone Roses’s “Elephant Stone”, New Order’s “Perfect Kiss”, and we dances to Saint Etienne’s “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” and “Nothing Can Stop Us Now” (which reminded me sooo much of their gig last May). Yudi cleverly wrapped it off with a hit from Underworld — the killer “Born Slippy” from Trainspotting soundtrack.

yudi didn’t play this version, but i like this video better šŸ˜›


The atmosphere went a bit calmer during the final session, where Alvin (bckwrds) and Ika (Kumyka) in turns played some recycled tunes of classic songs.

I planned to go home right right after they finished their session, but Mayo took over the decks and played a handful of Britpop anthems.

Everybody stood up from their chairs and hit the floor. The venue was actually a cafe/restaurant and there was not really a lot of space, but that was an advantage, as the party was quite small anyway.

Mayo successfully turned the place into an indie disco. Almost like what Neil Hannon had described – although this one was on Friday Night and without The Wannadies. But Mayo did play Blur (Girls and Boys) and The Cure (Just Like Heaven). He also played Inspiral Carpets’ “Saturn Five”, and Pulp’s “Disco 2000”.


That was probably one of the best gigs (or parties, perhaps, to be exact) I had ever gone to for ages. And the last time I saw such exciting crowd was probably in 2007, at a Manchester tribute gig.

Great music, great atmosphere, awesome friends.

My friend Ganesha said that he wouldn’t go home before Disco 2000 had been played. Well, his wish had been fulfilled.

Actually, he also wished for another song to be played at the party – and it was the same song I requested to Yudi – it was “Liberation”.

Since Yudi didn’t have the record, I brought my 7″ single. The song however, was not played.

Well I could understand that it was difficult to play the calm, soothing, laid-back song in between the highly exciting, undeniably anthemic songs.

So, anyway. *shrugging shoulders.

But yes, we had a very awesome evening. I felt like 14 again – when MTV was still on our side.

ps: Mas Tirta shot some very nice moments at the party šŸ™‚



pps: Lionrock also made a documentation filled with snapshots of the memorable evening here



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