java soulnation // rnrm

java soulnation

The last time I watched them live was at last year’s Soulnation. And I was bloody surprised.
They had turned from something good to something really awesome. I even had not been able to take the song “Stuck in a Moment” out of my head for months.

Yes, they really were that awesome.

But this year, despite the excitement of their releasing a new album, and performing on a bigger stage, I was not very pleased by their performance.

But maybe that was just me.

Firstly, I was still struck by what I later called “Gustaph-euphoria”. I was so mesmerised by the performance of Hercules and Love Affair, I couldn’t really shake off the over-excitement.

Reason number two was, they collaborated with Maliq and the Essentials. I guess it should have been a good accomplishment for the Bandung electronic band who rose from the burgeoning indie scene of mid noughties, but I found it otherwise. The problem also was, because I never liked Maliq and the Essentials and when the collaboration took stage I found that RNRM had changed their course towards something that I was not so fond of.

Oh well, bands can not always please their fans.

And last but most importantly, the queue for Scissor Sisters’ special show (hey that was a lot of S-es!) had already started, so I had to rush to the main stage to ensure a good position.

In addition to my somewhat disappointment; the lighting was annoyingly bad, although slightly better than Theme Park the night before.

But again, this was merely my opinion because I heard they played brilliantly and became one of the best local acts at the three-day festival.

And their new album Prodigal was also said to be bloody awesome. So I will soon move my ass off my chair to a record store and buy that record.


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