telegraph album launch // telegraph

telegraph album launch
[part 3 of 3]

Before the lads of Telegraph went on stage, they played a short movie (photo slideshows) about their journey as a band. It was nice to reminisce those moments, as I could see in my mind all those small gigs where I went to see them performing – even in Bekasi and Klender, places I often refused to visit.

They opened their performance with “Translucent”, which was also featured as the album opener, and more songs from their debut album “Translucent” including “Score”, “Perfection”, “A Light”, “We’ll Meet in the End”, and my favourite “Batas Khayal”, which I remember that I downloaded the song from the glorious myspace era in 2008.

If I may briefly review their music, then I would say it’s a crossover between Bloc Party and The Cure.

And they closed their performance with Morrissey’s “Maladjusted”.

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