[IMR Party] pt 2 // Dhendy, Modern Day Sky, Galant, Peewee in the Garage, Ledakan Urbanisasi

In My Room party | [part 2 of 2] | 26.05.2012


The first performer after the break was Dhendy Mawardi. I used to know Dhendy as a solo artist, playing post-grunge-influenced songs which made me feel like going back to the mid 1990s and watching MTV Superock after school.

Anyway, recently Dhendy rarely performed solo. Instead, he played guitar (and sang) for a band called Little Space Donkey. He also made a project with fellow bedroom musicians Ico called Penculik Senja.

The last time I saw him performing solo was in 2007, during Planet Bumi album launch showcase. Basically, that was five years ago. (time flies!)

So I was pretty excited to see his performance that day, and he started off with “Lies” and “This Be Over”, from his “This Be Over” EP. The song “This Be Over” was once featured in a compilation cd “Traxound 1″ released by Trax Magazine in 2006.

The next song was a song from his project Penculik Senja, entitled “Siapa Peduli”, then he played a new song called “Amnesia”. He closed his performance with a song from his musical hero Jeff Buckley, saying that it was a special request from Ganesh. The song was “Last Goodbye”.

My favourite one from the EP was actually “Go Away”, but unfortunately, it was not played that evening.
Anyway, here are some more photos from his performance at the cozy little shop:

modern day sky

Next was Anzarra Djahran, under the name of Modern Day Sky. Instead of performing songs, he gave a ‘lecture’ on Fluxus, a group of artists who sort of merged various disciplines. And attending Anzarra’s lecture made me feel like going to one of those art classes I attended in NL. Some artists he mentioned include John Cage (of course), George Brecht, and George Maciunas.

However, I personally think that it would have been nicer if his performance was much simpler, just like most of dada-esque works from other artists he was presenting. His little bit of everything was nice to be listened from an EP, but for a performance, ‘less is more’. I actually really like listening to his “Coming Soon” EP, especially the introduction part by Dr Mr J Otizan and the text-to-speech version of the famous dangdut song “Keong Racun“. He also performed it live, in a way that he accompanied the ‘singing’, a reverse to people singing to music accompaniment as in ‘minus one’s.

The nicest thing about his performance was that everybody in a room (now my mind took me back to Alvin Lucier‘s “I Am Sitting in a Room“) seemed to show much interest to his work, and I think that was brilliant. Hopefully people got inspired to dive into this field.

I have a question for him thou, “have you considered of taking art science programme?” 😉


In my opinion, the grand performance that afternoon was from Galant, whom I later found that he was the bassist of Deu Galih and folks.

Earlier I was told by Dhendy that Galant was a super talented musician, and I think it was very much true. He played guitar brilliantly, and he had such a good vocal. Awesome.

He played a total of 8 songs, including two covers; one is a sad, sad song from Glen Fredly “Tega”, and a brilliant, brilliant cover (or must I say, makeover) of Smash’s “I Heart You”. He superbly turned the cheesy boyband love song into a cool acoustic rather jazzy piece.

(video by vian)

The other songs were mostly his songs from “About A EP”, which title reminded me of Filipino acoustic band Side A.

His songs, like Dhendy’s, reminded me of the glorious old days of American alternative rock – like Goo Goo Dolls, Collective Soul, or Gin Blossoms — that sort of post-grunge Eddie Vedder-like vocals. All sang beautifully, only accompanied by his guitar playing, which was also as remarkable.

The songs from About A played that evening were “Around A Round”, “Inspirasiku”, and the very catchy “(Don’t Let Me Say) Goodbye”.

video by irawan

peewee in the garage

Next was PeWee in the Garage, a very talented musician with a superb voice. Which kinda made me wonder; what’s keeping her? With such a voice and talent she should have been out there, touring and performing in neighbouring countries.

video by irawan

ledakan urbanisasi

Last was Ledakan Urbanisasi (lit. Urbanisation Explosion), which unlike the name, was not very explosive. Instead, it was more like a disguised emergence, creeping up slowly to the surface with the relaxed nature of acoustic guitar.

Dede, the guy behind Ledakan Urbanisasi (also behind other musical projects, and co-founder of a music zine Wasted Rockers) played a total of five songs: “Berlayar bagian 3″, “Martabak India”, “Broken-hearted Gospel”, “Indian Summer”, and “Folk Messiah”. The last one was taken from the “Catwoman and Manohara” EP.

video by irawan

And after the cozy gig was over, we all had a nice group photo 🙂


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