[IMR Party] pt 1 // Marching March, Fantastic June, Individual Distortion


when the bedroom musicians
are coming out from their bedrooms*

*when i wrote “coming out”, i mean literally coming out, instead of this coming out. somehow everything i say or write sounds gay to me now.

I must say that it was one of the most intimate gigs I’ve ever been to. And just like the name of the gig, it was indoors –in a small space of Hey, Folks! shop– and it was like bringing everybody’s bedrooms to the shop and sharing them to fellow musicians.

In My Room Party vol. 1 was a mini showcase held by In My Room records, a netlabel specialises in bedroom musicians. There were a total of 8 bedroom musicians scheduled to play that sunny Saturday afternoon, but Desklap couldn’t come to the showcase so she was replaced by Fantastic June (ie. Ridwan) singing to remixes of his own songs.

I gave a mini exhibition there, displaying my photos that was previously exhibited at the Djakartartmosphere last year. They were portraits of bedroom musicians –including In My Room records founder Ganesha & Ridwan, and two other bedroom musicians signed to IMR records Irawan & Dhendy– so I think it suited the event very much.

Since the space was pretty small, my photos were “merged” with the other stuff on the store. It was not an exhibition space, but nevertheless I like how the photos blended in with vinyls, magazine rack, and other posters.

I arrived (almost) on time, as Irawan a.k.a. Marching March would open the little showcase and he asked me to play glockenspiel and melodica for some of his songs (and I excitedly accepted the offer), so I had to be there before it was scheduled to start, at 14.00.

But when I got there the sound system had not yet arrived so Irawan, Dyas (the bassist) and I decided to get a quick lunch.


People started coming at a quarter before 3, and the performers started to do soundcheck. I met some other bedroom musicians, like Hanna a.k.a. PeeWee in the Garage who came with Gorga (who would be featured as the guitarist for PeeWee), and Gea. Earlier I also met Dhendy and his wife Dee, and Dhendy introduced me to Galant, the bassist of Bandung-based Deu Galih and folks.

and here are some photos from the soundcheck of marching march:
(click the images to enlarge)

marching march

Irawan Prayoga under the name Marching March opened the party. Influenced by indiepop and folk music, Irawan played his first song entitled “Timeless Space (tba)”. Why tba? Because the song was so fresh (ie. He had just composed it the night before) he was still unsure about the title. But it was a nice one I think.

The next song was also a new one. And this time he was not alone; accompanied by Dyas on bass (who had been playing for Marching March’s live performances since the very beginning) and..
me 😛

I played melodica and a bit of glockenspiel — and I had so much fun playing melodica again.. big thanks to Irawan 😀

photos above taken by Ico. Thanks Ico!

This second song was called “Ordinary Song”.

The last song was a cover which was also featured in Marching March’s EP “My Yellow Fake Fantasy” released by In My Room records. It was “Pathetic Waltz”, originally sung by Indonesia’s indiepop ‘legend’ Pure Saturday.

video courtesy of Irawan Prayoga

fantastic june

The second performer was surprisingly, Ridwan, who was usually under the name Fantastic June. But Fantastic June was not in the list of performers that afternoon – did he perform under another name?

It turned out that Desklap couldn’t come to the showcase so Ridwan sang minus one to remixes of his own songs, “Full” and “Water”.

I later thought that Ridwan should’ve had another song called “Of” in between, so when someone asked his setlist, he could reply, “Full of Water”. :p

video courtesy of Irawan Prayoga

individual distortion

The third performer was Adythia Utama a.k.a. Individual Distortion. Watching his performance was like going back to one of those parties held by art students.

Using unusual methods of “playing music” and with a lot of noise. Not as noisy as FCKN BSTRD for example (and visually not as provoking), but it was still a lot of noise and distortion produced by an individual. Hence the name.

And just like most urban artists (from my subjective point of view), he used vulgar language for song titles, like “Titit Saya Gede” (my penis is big), and “Biji Ngondoy” (hanging testicles). He also used some angry expressions like “Ngelempar Granat ke Angkot-Angkot Yang Lagi Ngetem” and dozens of other songs filled of swear words like fuck, ngentot (fuck), tai (shit) etc etc.

video courtesy of Irawan Prayoga

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