photobook exhibition at goethe haus


I heard about this exhibition from a friend, who took part in the workshop of making photo books. I stupidly, missed the info about this photo book workshop. It was a complete miss for me, as I had been wanting to take part in this sort of workshop for ages.

But anyway, I went to the exhibition that Thursday afternoon with Titing and we both felt like two children being lost in a public school library. OMG those photobooks were gorgeous! Well of course they were, as the books displayed at the exhibition were the winners of “Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2011” (German Photobook Prize). But there was one book that completely distracted me from the others. And it was, none other, the book about the works of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. *going hysterical*

kunst des lichts, laszlo moholy-nagy

The book, Kunst des Lichts, was a catalog of the exhibition with the same name. I was bloody lucky to be in The Netherlands when the exhibition was in Den Haag. I even went there twice, mostly to be immersed in the photograms. (I miss going to Gemeentemuseum again.. *sigh*)

The other books at the exhibition was very nicely varied. All sorts of genres and techniques were there, it truly was highly inspiring. There was also a book by Peter Bialobrzeski, the German guy who won a World Press Photo award in 2010 with photos shot in..

Yes, I don’t think an Indonesian photographer have ever won a WPP award with a photo of Jakarta. Unless if the city is drowned in bloody civil wars or hit by an 8.5 earthquake. Which I prefer not.

I also like some more ‘personal’ photo books. There was a photo book with a cover like a children book’s cover, and I think it was really cute. Photo books on big structures and architecture were also fascinating. And stage photography of course.

I took my Supper Snapshots book (it was a personal photo book, not published btw) to show it to Titing and how I wish one day that book could be among the other books in the exhibition. I even already had a slight idea of leaving it there, so people would think it was a part of the exhibition 😛

and here are some more photos from the exhibition:


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