mocca last show

I should’ve written this review half a year ago (the gig was on july 15), but i guess I was utterly disappointed with the whole event I lost the mood to do anything related to the gig.I have even just finished selecting and editing the photos few days ago.

That particular evening was supposed to be a special, memorable night for both Mocca and their fans. It could be their last, last performance for Heaven knows how long, so everyone sort of expected that it would be so awesomely grand they could go home with a big smile on their faces and butterflies in their tummies.

But they didn’t. Or at least I and some people I knew didn’t.

They felt annoyingly gutted for being ripped off by the organiser. Yes, it was all ruined by the organiser. Mocca played brilliantly as always, but the rest was a total rubbish.

I will just list them here for easy reading:

  1. The venue was moved from the posh Balai Kartini to Hall Basket Senayan, just so the organiser could get more money from ticket sales.
    Despite the venue being downgraded to a acoustically terrible sports hall, the tickets were still sold for 200k IDR (around 17euro). We paid almost the same amount of money when Club 8 and Sondre Lerche played at the super-posh Hotel Nikko few years ago.
    The Senayan’s Basket hall is more famous as a venue for hardcore/punk concerts, where bulky men hustle and bang their heads in moshpits, not for a nice, swing-indiepop band like Mocca.
  2. During the concert, the rain poured down the tin roof and it gave such an awful noise you barely could hear the music.
    Some friends who didn’t believe such thing could happen at a Mocca concert, thought the noise was a part of the performance.
    I confirmed that it was actually raining outside as I could smell the wet grass.Basically, the sound system was really bad.
  3. The cabarette was amateurish.
    The concert’s theme was “Annabelle and the Music Box”, and so there was a sort of cabarette – with high school students performing a fairy tale-ish play, with plots etc. And their performance quality was way below Mocca’s musicality. The costumes were also rather *uhm, sorry* ugly.

The main character, Annabelle, dressed in an Alice costume. The bad guy dressed as if he was a pirate, and the whole plot was oh-so cliche.

Moreover, the spotlight was often directed to the amateur actors instead of the band, as if the band was merely complementary.

Anyway I heard that after this performance Mocca had a truly final, absolutely the last, performance in Bandung before Arina went to the States to marry her boyfriend. Lucky them.

OK, so everything was completely rubbish but the band themselves. Their performance was astonishing. Everybody was so mesmerised that I thought that those who have great memories with their ex girlfriend or boyfriend could really have their heart torn in pieces again. Those who are still with their girlfriend or boyfriend however, probably had one of the loveliest nights ever.

They played all their classic hits, including “Secret Admirer”, “I Think I’m in Love”, and “I Remember”. They also collaborated with three Jakartan bands; first with the husband-and-wife folk duo Endah n Rhesa, playing “Me and My Boyfriend”, then with Mondo and Ade Paloh of Sore playing “This Conversation”, and last but absolutely not the least, White Shoes and the Couples Company. I think Mocca and WSATCC have quite a lot of similarities, and it made their duet a special one, where they played “I Would Never” (originally with Karolina Komstedt of Club 8). It was also nice to see Mocca sang WSATCC’s “Senandung Maaf” and WSATCC played “What If”.

And so I guess if everything (the venue, the organisers, the cabarette etc) was as special as the band, then everybody would have gone home like in fairy tales: happily ever after.


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