flesh // special screening & concert // video screening part. 1

When we reached the venue (Taman Ismail Marzuki – a big complex of arts and cultural venues), neither of us knew where the gig took place. So we followed our ears, which of course in my case, were not to be trusted, as we walked to a big theatre building (which construction had just completed not so very long ago – perhaps last year).

But we were not in a hurry. Events held by Ruang Rupa were usually late, and we didn’t know what time exactly did it start anyway. And we were sort of lucky as we saw some food booths so we could drop by to get something to eat (or drink).

After that we saw that the video/gig event was held at Graha Bakti Budaya, and I saw Eric of Death Rock Star on the terrace. We had a little chat about our projects, which I think was always very nice because it was very motivating. And it made me realise that I still had another huge project that had to be done before end of December. Yikes!

We went upstairs and the gig, surprise surprise, took place at the fancy theatre room — with a capacity of 800 seats and a really big stage with a screen that can be rolled up and down. The last time I went here was I think at the British Film Festival in 2000, just few days before the university entrance exam. And what did I watch back then? I think it was East is East or Beautiful Thing.

When we entered the theatre, the screen showed the music video “Life Keeps on Turning” by Mocca, where Satria NB (of Pure Saturday and Teenage Death Star) with a penguin suit dancing to and fro in the middle of a small room with a sofa and dozens of balloons and confetti.

This video always intrigued me. Everybody was laughing at the video where Satria did a lot of slapstick moves, but I never really found it funny. I somehow bet that those people were laughing because they knew (or even, were a friend of) Satria, so they were laughing at him making a fool of himself. If for you Satria was a total stranger, it was not really funny.

Or maybe I was not into slapstick and was more into British witty word jokes.

Anyway, another Bandung band whose video was previewed at the event was Homogenic, with “Taste of Harmony”, directed by Cerahati. It was a really nice video and really resembled the ethereal electronic music of Homogenic. Somehow reminded me of Bjork’s “Hidden Place”, although the two videos looked very much different.

“Train Song” by Lain was also a part of the first set. This ‘revolutionary’ video won MTV Indonesia Award (Penghargaan MTV Indonesia) in 2003, launching both the indie scene and alternative visual artists to national fame.

A video worth mentioning was “Celaka” by Kornchonk Chaos. I must admit that it was my first time watching the video, and I was (almost literally) ROFL.

For the rest, there were The Upstairs’ “Modern Bob”, which was superbly simple and was made completely amateuristic — or so it seems, Goodnight Electric’s “A.S.T.U.R.O.B.O.T.”, one of those sort of videos which portrayed people dancing to the song, and Club Eighties’s “Selecta Pop”.


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