flesh // special screening & concert // the upstairs

Anyway, next was a performance by The Upstairs. They opened with their new song and soon the empty space between the seats and the stage was filled with the band’s groupies, ‘Modern Darlings’. Some Caucasian girls were also seen dancing among the teenage boys. The darlings’ act was far more interesting than the Upstairs themselves, so I aimed my camera to those teens instead of to the stage.

But I do remember that Jimi & co played some songs from their old albums like “Digital Video Festival” from Energy and “Alexander Graham Bell” from ‘Matraman’ that was also included in the free EP ‘Kunobatkan Jadi Fantasi’. They finished their performance with “Lantai Dansa”, which was included in the album “Tribute to KLA”. It was a nice remake I think, after all I am always into their sort of music.

Personally, it was my first time watching the Upstairs in the past 5 years. Yes, time flies. And it was rather unfamiliar with the new line up. The music in general was still pretty much the same, new wave with Jimi’s witty lyrics. But strangely enough, the involvement of Pandu in bass somehow gave me the impression that the band has turned into slightly Morfem.

After the band’s last song, the Modern Darlings were shouting, “We want more!” And I said to myself, “No, you can’t, this is not their solo concert. And the event was generally late already. And people need to go to work tomorrow morning.”

Luckily, no further songs were played and the curtain was down again, ready to show projections of inspiring music videos


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