djakartartmosphere // photo exhibition

I applied for this workshop 1.5 months ago, thinking that it was really something I should not miss.And so I joined with the other 13 members, who after some selection processes, were admitted to the workshop.The workshop started with two days of lectures, including by Tempo’s Rully Kesuma (who often gave lectures for the regular Antara Gallery workshop, Hai magazine’s senior photographer Firdaus Fadlil, Bola’s senior photographer who was also widely known as music enthusiast Bang Tjandra, and music critic Denny Sakrie.

After two days of experience-sharing, we had sort of two weeks to execute our concept.

Me, thinking that I had all the plans and the contacts in my head, ended up struggling in finishing the work for being too ambitious. My proposal was about bedroom musicians, those who make music entirely themselves in the humbleness of their homes.

Finally, after being completely worn out and ill (later I was diagnosed of having bronchitis-asthma), I managed to produce 4 sets of photos to be curated right on the last minute.

I got the advantage of already knowing the subjects, all being friends whom I know from gigs, but the drawback was the multiple locations. But in the end it worked nicely.

The four lads in my set of bedroom musicians were Ganes, Ridwan, Dhendy, and Irawan. All signed to In My Room records, a netlabel specialising in bedroom recording. Ganes and Ridwan themselves were the founder of the netlabel.

(the individual photos can be seen on my previous post, here)

The exhibition took place during Djakartartmosphere event, but sadly it was one day only. Here are some photos of my photos displayed at the exhibition 😛

There were only 11 participants, as two people withdrew and one couldn’t finish on time. But the results were really nice. I particularly like Herka’s photos of Lokananta, an old record company in his hometown Surakarta (Solo) known for its vast collection of records (LP/vinyl), Herka nicely captured the “vintage” artmosphere by shooting them in black-and-white.

Another favourite of mine was by Rino taking multiple exposure shots of people headbanging.

I also like Sandy’s set of photos where he followed the cast and crew of Laskar Pelangi musical to Singapore. Most of them were shots of the theatre taken with a fisheye lens.

Anyway, another unfortunate coincidence was that there were two entrance gates so not everybody knew that there was a photo exhibition.

But the production team was a fab. The layout, the prints, the display, everything. Thanks to mas tole, mas gunawan, and everyone at GFJA.


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