we are sale // the friends and the booths


We are Sale! is a regular event held at Hey, Folks! where people can sell their own stuff on open tables without having the necessary to own a license. Almost like a vrijmarkt (free market) during Dutch Queen’s Day, but not really for free. After all, I don’t think vrijmarkt was for absolutely free either. I mean, nothing is free in the Netherlands, unless those free hugs given by pacifists. Anyway, just like their predecessor We Are Pop! (although not exactly, We Are Pop! was a series of small music events held in various locations — mostly at their ‘headquarters’ Hey, Folks!), there were also several bands performing at the event. The major difference was, the performances were really short because after all, it was not the main event.I went to We Are Pop! with Ganes and Ridwan of In My Room records, after taking their portraits for a workshop I did. We planned mainly to watch the comeback of Sweaters, and we were lucky that we were not too late.

In the mean time, here are some photos from the venue: the booths (well, uhm, tables) and some friends I met.


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