[rockvolution] pt. 3 // rufio, tonight alive, michale graves


The Datsuns was not the only foreign band performing that evening. Sydney-based pop-punk band Tonight Alive rocked the Distortion stage earlier. Tonight Alive was under the same management of Rufio, who performed for 2 days at Rockvolution. Yes, Rufio again. It was their third time coming to Indonesia. I hope they are not going to be another White Lion.

tonight alive

I went to see their first Indonesian performance 3 years ago, knowing their music from my friend Sapie. I suddenly remembered a funny experience as I walked to the venue and saw their gigantic poster.

After the concert three years ago, my friends Sapie and Ayo went backstage to ask for autographs and took photo with the band members. Since I was not a big fan, I became the boys’ “photographer”, taking photos of them with Rufio. Their guitarist, Clark Domae, noticing that I merely took photos, suddenly offered himself to take a photo with me. xD

He further commented, “you’re so small”. Haha. Yes, I am, Clark. So that evening, I asked him to have a photo with me. He obviously didn’t remember me thou :p

(photo by sapie) 


2011, both with less hair 😛
(photo by agung) 

Anyway, Rufio performed that evening, ‘but merely’ acoustically. Their main performance was on Sunday, which I could not attend, as I went to see Happy Mondays.

In several songs Scott Sellers sang with Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall, which was enthusiastically cheered by their fans. My friends and I were not really into the pop-punk scene, so we were pretty surprised that Rufio and Tonight Alive had such a strong and big fanbase.

The only song I sort of knew was their biggest hit “Above Me” from the album “Perhaps, I Suppose..”, and everybody sang along to that one.

Sharing the same stage (but not on the same time, of course) with Rufio earlier was Michale Graves, once known as the vocalist of Misfits. He also sang acoustically, as the next day he would perform as the vocalist for Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg.


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