[rockvolution] pt. 2 // morfem

Rockvolution also gave me a second opportunity to see Morfem (my first was at Kickfest last month). I used to say to myself that to judge a band’s performance objectively, one should at least see the band three times, performing in three different venues (Although in Efek Rumah Kaca’s case it took me 4-5 times).

And my second impression of Morfem was better than the first, although I still couldn’t see what sort of thing that made them widely accepted and had a strong fanbase. Or maybe it was purely Jimi’s.

Or maybe it was not really my sort of genre.

I managed to see Pandu at backstage, and I think he was the first person from BCC that I met after my return. I wish that we had had more time to chat and how much things had changed (especially for him, that is) in the past two years and a half, but everybody was busy so maybe I will see him and the rest of the BCC boys (and girls) later someday. I also met Dimus (also BCC), and Freddie. And he still remembered my article where I wrote about his amazing drum-playing the first time I saw him performing with his band Dikeroyok Wanita.

Jimi, however, seemed rather disappointed to have his band performing on the smallest stage of the event. But they still played professionally nevertheless.

They played around 4-5 songs from their debut album which I didn’t really know their titles (oh darn, I should buy the local CD’s to make better live reviews). I only managed to know their singles “Pilih Sidang atau Berdamai” and “Gadis Suku Pedalaman”.

They also played a song by Velvet Underground, which they claimed to be their mutual interest before they started making their own songs. Pandu started sliding his guitar with a cigarette lighter, and at the end of the song he dropped himself on the stage, and lying there as smokes spewed from the corners. This reminded me of his performance with The Porno 3 years ago.


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