hortus botanicus visit — leafless trees

The winter was coming to an end and so was my stay in the Netherlands. I had to leave my leafless trees heaven perhaps for a pretty long time. Moreover, I had never been to Hortus Botanicus during the winter to take photos of the trees.

I seemed that I have no more excuses to miss the opportunity. So despite the cloudy cold windy day, I insisted to visit the Hortus Botanicus for the leafless trees. I must say I was having a pretty difficult time in taking photos; as the day was getting colder as in the afternoon and I felt my hand froze after several hours.

But I was happy to be able to take lots of leafless trees photos. I even took photo of “the demon”.

Some of my favourites:

Few days later, it was sunny and hot (20 degrees celcius), so I decided to go there once more for some more leafless trees photos, but with the clear blue sky background.

more hortus botanicus’s leafless trees are here


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