obsolete – semester project exhibition

The exhibition for the Media Technology Semester Project was opened on Wednesday, 20 January 2011.

(I already put the explanation about the semester project in my previous blog here, or you can also see the full information on the media technology website here)

The opening started at 16.00, but early in the morning, the makers (i.e. the students who made the projects) and the supervisors (i.e. teachers) had come to the exhibition space for the grading session.

the grading session

The grading session took around 2 hours, where students showed supervisors about their project: mostly about the concept behind it, and how the installation communicates with the audience.

Our project was entitled “Are {you}2 –nique?”. As the title implies, the project was about uniqueness, where we (me, Nisaar, and Rene) relate our installation on the concept of religion; how religion is become obsolete and the uniqueness of religious experience.

are {you}2 – nique?

Visitors were asked to step on the white spots, and with some sorts of algorithm, various combinations determine which lights are lit on to the spots.

Visitors were either accepting their uniqueness/non-uniqueness (as a metaphor of accepting their fate) or trying to figure out the mechanism behind it (a metaphor of questioning their belief, which resulted in the obsolescence of religion).


maria under the divine light

A nice feature in our project was the light switches in the middle of the four white spots that could switch on or off by themselves, and this was the metaphor of the “hand of God”. The switches basically switched on or off the lights, and the whole system that control these switches is a symbol of  God’s decision on whether you are unique or not.


the switches, a.k.a. the hands of god

The uniqueness were shown by having the light directly on the spot, so as a visitor stepped on one of the spots, they would find out whether they were unique or not.

Our “neighbour” in the exhibition space was the “Boredom” theme, with a project entitled “Boredom is Change”. They (Marijke, Marilena, and Thanos) built a labyrinth where visitors should find their way to the middle part of the labyrinth, trying to ignore distractions (in the shape of writings on the walls) during the exploration in the labyrinth. Before a visitor (one visitor can only enter the labyrinth at one time) could enter the labyrinth, they should wear a “fancy hat” which could determine their different colours of boredom.


the fancy hat that a visitor should wear,
and the colour of the boredom

The nicest project (imho) was “In Your Face!/The Prejudice Machine”. The group (Klaas-Jan, Friso, Auke) created a system where visitors could vote based on other people’s facial features, depending on various categories. Visitors could also have their pictures taken, to be later put in the system. The results for the votes were really funny. Stelios was voted to be really healthy, and Ali was one of the most voted persons as being a terrorist.


annebeth votes

an example of question: which person is sane?

an example of results: stelios in top 6 (most voted as being) healthy

The exhibition opening was crowded as usual, and there were many Media Technology students came to visit and to have some drinks. Afterwards we (students) had a dinner with teachers at La Bota, a really nice restaurant near the Pieterskerk area in Leiden (which basically only 25 steps away from my place).


maria at the exhibition opening

During the exhibition usually there were a lot of people visiting on the weekends. Maarten’s parents and some of my friends (Linda, Carl, Daniel, Cindy, plus mbak Nuning) came to visit my project 🙂

On the first Saturday we also had a visit from Annebeth’s children, and they seemed to be having a lot of fun.

more photos of the exhibition can be found here


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