building the semester project

On the third semester (or in my case, fourth), Media Technology students are given task to build/create something based on a given theme. This year the general theme is “Obsolete”.

A simple definition for this word (as defined in Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary) is 

no longer used because something new has been invented”.


The theme was then further expanded to several sub-themes, and my group (me, Nisaar, and Rene) had the sub-theme of “unique”.

Personally, I like the word “unique” and I was very happy for the first time I found out that I got the theme, but unfortunately it was really difficult for us to finally agree in what concept to base our project on and what sort of installation/product we are going to make.

We kept changing our ideas, and I guess in total we had 12 statements and 10 project ideas.. which none of them really made it to the final process.

teamwork 🙂
(i really like this photo btw)

before the idea changed, we wanted to do something which involved projector..

We changed the idea (for the last time, finally) exactly 10 days before the exhibition opening. It was a brave (and really unlikely) thing to do, but we were stuck with our previous work and so we finally agreed to change EVERYTHING.

we finally decided to make something which involved arduino,


and pressure sensors

But hard work really paid off. We managed to finish the project on time, the installation worked right on the evening before the opening, and actually it worked throughout the whole 2 weeks of the exhibition! 🙂

I was really happy with the final result of our installation, since our group consisted three non-programmers and we managed to finish the arduino-based installation.


more photos are here.  


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