indonesian cultural evening


It was a one stormy evening (the wind was around 50mph, but luckily without rain involved) when the Indonesian Cultural Evening was held at the Great Lecture Hall of Gorlaeus Laboratoria (the nicest looking Science Faculty building), Leiden University.The evening was filled with traditional Sundanese performances, by students from Unit Kesenian (The Student Dance and Music Group) of Universitas Padjadjaran in Bandung.

The performances include:

Tari Merak or Peacock Dance

Topeng Tarung (Fighting Mask)

– from Cirebon, an area in West Java that borders to Central Java, and thus has a really interesting mixed culture of Sundanese and Javanese.

Arumba (Sundanese musical instruments from bamboo)

Interactive Angklung
Guests were given angklung of different notes and the conductor led them to play several songs. At first I thought it would not work, but I was terribly wrong! It really worked beautifully 😉

guests (incl. Indonesian Vice Ambassador for the Netherlands) with angklung

the conductor
Rampak Kendang

I think I always like listening to Rampak Kendang ever since I accidentally heard it live on the terrace of my previous school in Bandung. The performers that evening played Rampak Kendang with a twist, with some jokes here and there that reminded me of the old Sundanese comedy group D’Bodors.

Tari Rakyat Cikeruhan
(Cikeruhan Folk Dance)

At the end of the evening, the guests were asked to join the dance together with the performers.

This event is organized under the auspices of the LEAD Programme of the Faculty of Science, Leiden University

more photos are here


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