key of life 2010

21-23 October 2010

We almost missed the Key of Life because we thought it would be until Sunday, but it was only until Saturday. So on a lazy Sunday afternoon, we suddenly had to rush to the town hall to buy a ticket. Yes, BUY a ticket. Last year (2009)’s Key of Life was for free, so I thought it would be for free for the year after as well. At least the ticket was not that expensive (7.50 for all activities – including one that would transport you to another venue at the other part of the city)

by Susan Aldworth

The ticket was not sold at the town hall, so we went to Scheltema. As we were there, we took our time by looking at the Brainscapes exhibition. One notable series of work was by Susan Aldworth, who made paintings inspired by the work of the brain. Some paintings are really really nice, there were even some which could “change” as you move yourself from side to side, using the same effect as those changing images in your primary school ruler (the ruler of which you use to make straight lines, not school ruler in the term of the headmaster  :p )

see the difference between the image above and below

Another impressive work was by Andrew Carnie, entitled “Time Will Tell”. The works were projected images using slide show viewer (I actually didn’t know what this device was called). I personally like the one which looked like tree branches..


by Andrew Carnie

There was also a work by Media Tech alumni Stijn Belle and Sanne Fenema. Their work, called “Het Meest Sexy?” (Which is the Sexiest?) explored which side of a person that they thought was sexy. Visitors could take their own pictures using a camera, and then the application created two pictures, one is both of your left side, and the other both of your right side (mirrored images).


At 9 we went to BplusC/Leidse Volkshuis to see several performance by Art Science students. The most interesting one was by Charlotte, Ben, and Matthijs, where people nude backs appeared on holes of a big tube of fabric, and visitors could make various sounds by touching these backs.


Get in Touch
by Matthijs Munnik, Ben Terwel, and Charlotte ‘t Hart

The whole event was closed by Bak-Chai, a dance party, game, and theatre piece all blended into one. It was not as interesting as we thought thou, so we went home.

more photos of key of life 2010 can be found here.


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