today’s art

Den Haag, 24-25 September 2010

After missing the previous year’s Today’s Art, I felt highly obligated to attend the 2010 event. However, I was still hangover and tired after going to Discovery the evening before, and I was extremely late coming to Den Haag for the event.

Yet I still considered myself lucky: I didn’t need to pay extra for Olafur Arnalds’s performance 🙂

So most of the exhibitions were already closed (darn), but I managed to see Olafur Arnalds and Structet (a collaborative performance by Art Science students).

by Daan Brinkmann & Nenad Popov

Olafur Arnalds


a girl danced through as the smoke was spewed

I met Octa at the event and after few drinks we left the venue.

a bit of more photos can be found here.


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