summer with the eaters — rotterdam


This could be Rotterdam, or anywhere, Liverpool, or Rome.

Or even a Caribbean island.

Unfortunately, Rotterdam is in the Netherlands, where the weather is often unsuitable for a carnival, even in the middle of (supposedly) summer. So instead of having a nice sunny day, the half naked carnival participants had to walk through the streets of Rotterdam in the cold.

We didn’t even bother to wait until the festival started. Koh Nanug had an appointment to meet his friend somewhere around Erasmus Bridge, and after we met her and had a little chat, we went back to the train station, escaping from the outdoor activity.

Earlier that day however, we had a nice short visit to the cubic houses (kubuswoning), a set of houses near Rotterdam Blaak where the houses were tilted 45 degrees. The houses were designed by Piet Blom in 1984. The show cube (the museum about cubic houses) was actually a normal (cubic) house of which the owner turned it into a museum, to answer the curiosity of passer-bys.

cubic houses

inside the show cube

Somewhere around the corner (inside the complex of the cubic houses), there were also a small museum dedicated to chess pieces. Petya really should go to this place one day 😛

more cubic and caribbean photos are here


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