[summer with the eaters] luzern


Lucerne (or original name: Luzern) is a city in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. The city is famous for tourists for its location on the shore of Lake Lucerne and close to Swiss Alps. The last time we (my sister and I) went here was 13 years ago, during a Euro trip in a tour group, where we spent probably less than 48 hours in each country we visited.

on the way to lucerne

This time it was more or less the same; we still had tight schedule like Japanese tourists, spending less than an hour in each touristy spot, and we spent only 25 hours in the city. But at least we were not too enthusiastic and did not try to go skiing or something whatever. It was already our 7th and 8th day on the road and we just wanted a bit of relaxing city tour. 

full moon

We arrived on Sunday evening, walked to the hotel to put our bags, then had a little stroll to the city to get some dinner. Koh Nanug had cheese fondue, a Swiss speciality. My sister had a steak and I a schnitzel.


The next day we had a small city tour by following the route shown in the city guide book. So we walked through Kapellbrücke (chapel bridge) to the other side of the lake, passed some shops at the city’s old town, and up to the lion monument. The dying lion of Lucerne was carved on a natural piece of rock in memory of Swiss mercenaries’ heroic death in 1792.


we met this swan on the lake, near the Kapellbrücke

lucerne seen from the Kapellbrücke

the dying lion of lucerne

Then we walked to the Musegg wall, an old city wall which was used to be the wall protecting the city. I ended up alone going uphill because Ci Ichay and Koh Nanug were too tired. The walk was not supposed to be heavy, but then it started to rain and the road was slippery. Yet I was already half way there so I continued walking. 

musegg wall

But the view was worth all the rain. The fortress looked like the one in medieval fairy tale, with some towers to see who was coming from outside. Unfortunately I couldn’t really spent too much time because it was raining anyway and so i went downstairs and back to the city to meet Ci Ichay and Koh Nanug. I met them at the Spreuerbrücke we soon returned back to the hotel.

more photos are here and here.


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