summer with the eaters — delft and oudt leyden



Ikea always has a way to cheer you up.

And so it cheered my sister up after a rather disappointing *uhm* “summer” morning. We had a nice walk through the showroom, especially the small apartment models. The visit to the store was a quick one however, I only managed to buy the fabric I wanted to buy when I came there with Maarten two weeks earlier, and she managed to buy a lamp and some nice mini stuffed animals.

kembali ceria saat bertandang ke ikea

Then we had a nice late lunch at the restaurant before finally headed to Leiden.

Pannekoek at Oudt Leyden 

That evening we went to the famous pannekoekenhuisje (pancake restaurant) Oudt Leyden we invited Petya and Maarten to come along, so there were four of us there (Koh Nanug decided not to go to the pancake dinner and had a rest at the hotel instead).

 when two sagitarreans meet 🙂

And still, I believe that Oudt Leyden has the best pancake in the whole Netherlands. We even had tiramisu that night *yum*

more photos are here


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