[summer with the eaters] paris pt.3.4. — dinner at jonathan’s


Jonathan was my sister’s friend when they both studied at ESCP, and he and his girlfriend Marie actually went to Indonesia and stayed in our place last year.

Now they are back in Paris, and that evening they invited us for a dinner at their apartment. Their apartment was really nice, it was big and filled with interesting objects, mostly from the places they visited during their trip around the world.

After some chats with Jonathan, Marie, and Thomas (also my sister’s friend at ESCP), and drinks (I had a really nice beer from Arras), we had a big dinner.

Started with pizza-like appetiser and salad, then pasta as the main course. The dessert was fruit salad and chocolate cake. Oh and before the dessert we had some french cheese, like Jonathan’s favourite camembert, and some others which I couldn’t remember the names.


main course


The dinner was really nice and we all came home with full stomachs 😉

Thanks to Jonathan & Marie!

(l-r) Thomas, Koh Nanug, Ci Ichay, Marie, Oxal, Jonathan

some more photos from the dinner can be found here 


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